Bone Maximizer with Collagen
Bone Maximizer with Collagen

Bone Maximizer with Collagen

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The ultimate bone support formula**

Contains Vitamin D3, K1 & K2 (MK-7)
Hormone & Antibiotic free Bovine Collagen & MCHC

Our bone density, strength and flexibility declines naturally as we age. Maintaining healthy and strong bones is one of the most important qualities of life aspects and secrets to living a long and actively fulfilling lifestyle. Certain nutrients can help to slow the bone-aging process and actually help build up bone density, strength and flexibility as we age. MRM has developed a comprehensive formula of collagen peptides, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and fermented polysaccharides to support bone health.

 These micronutrients work through different mechanisms within the body to provide synergistic support to overall bone health and healthy bone metabolism.** Through their synergy they can help minimize bone and joint discomfort.** They can help improve bone strength in two ways.**Improving strength by boosting bone density which can allow you to be more active and maintain healthy lean muscle mass.** These nutrients also help bone flexibility giving your bones tensile strength, which means bones and are more resilient to different activities and stresses.** Both density and flexibility are necessary for overall bone health and help the fight against bone fractures and breakdown.  Even the healthiest of aging individuals, women in particular, can benefit from the support of Bone Maximizer with Collagen provides.