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Contact the Cali Muscle Team, We are here to help! 

1 Shipping & Returns
1.1 Do you accept returns?

We sure do! 

Within 14 days of your purchase, if you are for any reason not completely happy...shoot us a message or email and we can help take care of your return or exchange.

Cali Muscle asks that you pay for shipping to send back. We are happy to send the exchange on us. Thanks for understanding.



1.2 Can I exchange my item?

Of course! 

We want you to be able to enjoy your item :)

Send us a quick message or email to let us know and we can help you get the correct item sent back out to you!  



1.3 Has my order shipped?

Hello, Thank you for your order at Cali Muscle!

Please Click the "My Account" link at the top right hand side of our site to check your orders status or check your email inbox for the Shipping Confirmation that is sent once the order is shipped.

1.4 How do I track my order?

Please click here to see where your Cali Muscle order might be.

1.5 My order never arrived.

Oh No! 

We are sorry about that.

Please send us a Message or Email right away and we will figure out what is going on. 

1.6 An item is missing from my shipment.


That is probably our bad. SO SORRY! Please send us a message or email to let us know and we will take care of it. 



1.7 Do you ship Internationally?


We ship to most any places in the world. Shipping is done through USPS and can take 7-21 Business Days to reach the destination. 



1.8 How long does it take to receive my items?

We ship items everyday! Shipping is done USPS style and typically take 3-5 business to arrive anywhere in the USA.

Cali Muscle can ship internationally, that is done through USPS and takes 7-21 Business Days.

If you have any questions, please send us a message or email us at


2 My Cali Muscle Account
2.1 How do I create an account?

1. Click "My Account" at the Top of the Page

2. Click "Register"

3. Enter Form Information 

Welcome to the Cali Muscle Family! 

2.2 I forgot my password.

Attempt to "Forgot my Password"

Have it sent to your email. Change it up. Voila.  

2.3 What is your return policy?

Check out our Shipping & Returns section. 

We accept returns with 14 days. 

3 Pricing & Billing
3.1 How much is shipping?

Cali Muscle ships via USPS.

We offer a choice of options for you...starting at $5.95



3.2 Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

Sales tax is for California shoppers only, the rate is 9.25%.

Sorry California Shoppers! :-)

3.3 I have a question on my charges.

No problem.

Send us a quick Message or Email and we can answer anything regarding charges for you.

3.4 When will my credit card be charged?

Right away...once the "Pay Now" button is hit, the charge will go through your account. 

4 Cali Muscle Buyers Guide
4.1 How do I find a product?

To find the product(s) you're looking for, you may (1) use the navigation menus on the top, left & bottom of our website. (2) type a keyword into the SEARCH box. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.

4.2 I want to follow Cali Muscle on Social Media.


We would love that!

Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Insta: @calimuscle1


4.3 What kind of fabric are your Cali Muscle Tops?

Cali Muscle only prints on the Highest Quality Pre-washed Cotton available. Sourced from the USA and tested thoroughly before putting out for Sale.


4.4 How do I use a Discount Code?

Cali Muscle offers discount codes sometimes. If you have one, enter it at checkout. 



4.5 Does Cali Muscle Sponsor Athletes?

We do!

If you think Cali Muscle and your style would work well together, shoot us a message, email or stop into our shop and we can discuss a partnership. Thanks for thinking of us! Keep it 100! 

4.6 Who owns Cali Muscle?

John Pereira!

His ideas and concepts are all Cali Muscle!

Stop by our store in Campbell, Ca and say HI!

You can also follow John | @calimusclejohn

4.7 Does Cali Muscle have a store?


We are located in Beautiful Downtown Campbell, Ca:

325 East Campbell Ave

Campbell, CA 95008

STOP BY! We would love to meet you! 

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